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DRASii is a live hardware electronics project with Chris Kalis exploring sonic phenomena.

Chando Radio

Chando Radio combines underground and rare electronic, experimental, and progressive dance music hand picked by Chicago synth ensemble Chandeliers (Lisa Armstrong, Chris Kalis, Scott McGaughey) and special guests.


Documentation from sensoria, a live audiovisual performance with Julianna Bach exploring cross-species communication using biofeedback from plant matter to generate sound and visuals. 



FULL BLEED meets at the intersections of dance, new age, techno and experimental electronic music. Curated by Julianna Bach and Lisa Armstrong, the show weaves together sound collage exploring spoken word and expanded media. 

Every 3rd Friday 1-3PM on KChung 1630 AM Radio Los Angeles
Stream here

Every 4th Saturday @ 3pm - 4pm PST on Moonglow Radio
Stream here

FULL BLEED live at KCHUNG Public 12.23.2022


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