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Lisa and her dog Ziggy hiking in Glendale, California
Lisa Glenn Armstrong (b. 1990) is a designer whose work focuses on time, space, motion, and the queering of media. She has exhibited work in the Chicago Cultural Center, Art on theMART, the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Terrain Exhibitions, the Garfield Park Conservatory, and more. As former Co-Director of the Ralph Arnold Gallery, Lisa co-curated exhibitions centered on equity, accessibility, and social change.

As an instructor, Lisa has taught a range of art and design courses at DePaul University, California Institute of the Arts, and Loyola University Chicago. She is currently a Visiting Associate Professor of Digital Media Design at the University of Illinois Chicago.

As an extension of her visual work, Lisa performs as part of the electronic music collectives, Chandeliers, FULL BLEED, and DRASii. She also co-produces monthly expanded music programs bringing together different artists on the fringes through KCHUNG LA and Lumpen Radio.

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