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Risograph flyers for Drew Ryan’s Neobeat series at the Owl, featuring performances by Chandeliers with Jim Magas, Pastel Fractal, Good Fuck, and a DJ set by Angel Marcloid.

The Nest

Video promotion for Scott Massey's book, The Nest.  
Design/collage: Scott Massey
Silkscreen Printer: Tom Kracauer
Editor/writer: Laura Bernstein
Motion Graphics: Lisa Armstrong
Music: Chandeliers



Flyers for Chando Radio, a show that combines underground and rare electronic, experimental, and progressive dance music hand picked by Chicago synth ensemble Chandeliers (Lisa Armstrong, Harry Brenner, Chris Kalis, Scott McGaughey) and special guests.

A risograph printed animation investigating automation, simulation, and repetition.


Beverlee 6X

6X lyric teaser videos created for Los Angeles-based musician, Beverlee.

© Lisa Glenn Armstrong ︎ 2023