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DVD Menu

"DVD Menu" started with a MiniDisc 'field recording' daydream half-asleep hummer at a piano and grew into a globular tentacled modular synth beast thanks to Cameron Brand. Cameron and Scott then added some slippery Kindergarten Woodwind Watercolors and Christopher Schreck dreamed up the blissed out slo-mo synth lasso that wraps the song up as it all slowly fades underwater.

In the video created by Lisa Armstrong and Dariia Zamrii, perspectives shift between macro and micro views. Time fast forwards and moves in reverse. Pieces are cut from and drawn onto the fabric of time by some unknown creator. We see an insect move from the gelatinous larva stage to becoming one with its bee kingdom. Vocalized humming buzzes to the rapid movement of insects.

The video combines archival footage from Public Domain, combined with atmospheric videos filmed by the artists. Animations were also hand-drawn as well as screen-recorded, then stitched into the video like fragments of memories.

As we zoom out, the insects become an obscure mass of static noise. Is the individual greater than the sum of its parts or is it the inverse? Is it a distant memory or a fever dream? Are we watching a DVD or did we ever leave the menu? Music by Scott McGaughey Designed, Edited, and Animated by Lisa Armstrong and Dariia Zamrii.

© lisa glenn armstrong ︎ 2024